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「Fallout NV |  EL REY MOTEL」
Flame Atronachs are a breed of Daedra that prefer ranged magic to physical combat. Constructed entirely of fire, Flame Atronachs resemble humanoid females wearing black metal armor. They possess horns, pointed ears, three fingers, and two toes. Flame Atronachs float above the ground at all times and when moving they leave a trail of fire behind. When idle they often do spins and back flips. Unlike other Atronachs, Flame Atronachs rely on speed, agility, and powerful ranged attacks to dispatch their foes.


a ghoul from fallout 
they are so adorable 


That’s… particularly unfortunate for you.


The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim - The Shrine Of Azura Statue

from The Bethesda Store | Price: $100


Ash Ghoul cosplay
© Isugi

Humble Cicero lives to serve.


Skyrim Ebony Armor - Created by Folkenstal

On top of this amazing set of armor, Folkenstal’s Shop is filled with a multitude of epic replica weapons and armor that are sure to catch the eye of any Dragonborn in need of gear. Check out our previous feature here.


Soldier of The Brotherhood of Steel (photos by Tomas Felcman)
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